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Kids Party Buffet Menu

Choose any 4 of the following for £6 a head. Additional choices can be added for £1 each:


  • Freshly Made Sandwich Platter

        - Tuna and Sweetcorn Mayo

        - Egg Mayonnaise

        - Double Cheese (with Cheddar and Philadelphia)

        - Ham and Tomato


  • Sausage Rolls

  • Mini Pizzas

  • ​Chicken Nuggets

  • Cocktail Sausages

  • Assorted Crisp Selection

  • Assorted Sweet Selection

  • Fresh Fruit Jelly

  • ​Mini Cake Selection

  • Fresh Fruit Platter



FOOD ALLERGY OR INTOLERANCE - ​ If you need further information about the ingredients of our food then be sure to ask when you place your order.

We need to know about any food allergies or intolerance before we start to make your food, otherwise we can't guarantee that any food will be free from particular allergens.

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